Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kumon Books Are Innovative and Educational

As a mom, I’m constantly looking for fun and different ways to introduce learning skills to my two sons (ages 2 and 5). Recently, Kumon Publishing sent me several of their workbooks to review. (I was already familiar with the Kumon name, because I was familiar with their parent company’s popular after-school math and reading programs.)

I was sent three different sets of books (for ages 2 and up; ages 2-4; and ages 4-6). The workbooks are based on the Kumon Method, where educational concepts are introduced in a logical step-by-step approach that allows children to build on skill sets. The workbooks focus on math, reading and other basic skills (i.e. cutting, folding paper, coloring, etc.).
Let's Fold!Kumon Workbooks: My Book of ColoringKumon Workbooks: My Book of EASY CRAFTS

I like that the books are very sturdy – which was especially helpful when my toddler and preschooler were trying to grab them away from one another! The graphics are also bright and colorful. I also like how each workbook builds on the skill sets that each kid already has. Overall, the kids really enjoyed the workbooks. I know, because my “technique” is to leave educational books lying around in view of the kids. That way, they have access to them whenever they like. The boys constantly kept asking to do the activities in the various books.
In any event, if you have kids ages 2-7, you should visit their website for more information and to see what’s offered. (FYI: They also publish a Spanish-language workbook series of 8 titles.)

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